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Parents, see who your child is texting to

META now allows parents to monitor their children’s messages, YouTube belatedly follows TikTok’s lead, and TikTok, in turn, emulates Threads. These and more are the subjects of this month’s social media updates. If you’re keen to stay informed but not up for reading, don’t worry, you can listen to the news in our podcast, “Marketing Unwrapped”.


Instagram Clamps Down on Unwanted DMs!

Instagram is cracking down on spam by making it more difficult to send unsolicited DM requests. These changes aim to shield users from unwanted communications, especially those containing images and videos. In essence, users you do not follow can only send a single message acting as an invitation, which you can accept or reject before any conversation begins.

This measure helps prevent spam from fraudulent accounts or users sending offensive images and videos in DM requests to garner attention. It should particularly benefit women, who often receive unsolicited explicit photos.


Source: Instagram


Meta is introducing new parental supervision tools for Messenger and Instagram to curb excessive social network use among children and teenagers.

These tools provide parents with the capability to monitor who their child communicates with, how much time they spend on Instagram or Facebook, what content they post, and whom they follow (or are followed by). Available through Meta FamilyCenter, these controls ensure children’s messaging privacy remains intact by giving parents insights without granting access to the messages’ content.

This welcomed feature is now also available in Slovakia, complete with a step-by-step photo guide on setting up these controls.


YouTube Collaborations

Echoing TikTok, albeit belatedly, YouTube has launched its version of Collaborations (known as Duets on TikTok).

The Collaboration feature lets users create short videos side-by-side with another YouTube video. Users have various screen layout options for positioning their video relative to the original content. The feature is activated by pressing the “Remix” button followed by “Collab,” merging Shorts or YouTube content. Originally accessible for iOS users, the feature will expand to Android soon.

Furthermore, YouTube has introduced a Live feature akin to Instagram’s and additional effects and stickers, such as a Q&A sticker for direct response to fans’ comments in videos.

Source: YouTube


TikTok’s Move Against X and Threads

Inspired by the new social network Threads, TikTok now allows its users to create purely text-based posts. Interestingly, it’s often the TikTok comments that draw the most anticipation, sometimes even before finishing the video.

TikTok commented:

“By introducing text posts, we’re broadening the creative spectrum for our users, allowing the same level of creativity seen in comments, descriptions, or videos.”

Source: TikTok

Shopping on TikTok

TikTok is trialing a ‘Shop’ feature, a seamless e-commerce integration allowing merchants and creators to showcase and vend products directly through the app. Here are three ways to engage in TikTok shopping:

  1. LIVE Video: Shop in real-time during LIVE sessions by tapping pinned products or the shopping cart icon.
  2. TikTok Videos: Purchase directly from feed videos by clicking the product link and cart icon.
  3. Product Showcase: Shop directly from a brand or creator’s account within the app.

Source: TikTok

TikTok Ad Library
TikTok has unveiled a new ad library tool, serving as a database showcasing ad creatives, campaign dates, targeting details, and viewership data.

“The Commercial Content Library is a searchable database containing detailed information on paid ads, including creative details, launch dates, targeting criteria (e.g., age, gender), and viewership numbers,” TikTok explained.

The ad library aims to inspire advertisers in their creative endeavors, facilitate competitive analysis, and streamline reporting.

Source: TikTok


TikTok is implementing stricter guidelines for AI-generated content, urging users to tag such content to mitigate the proliferation of deepfakes. The platform aims to proactively counter the expected rise in such content, mandating creators to label AI-generated content or face video removal by moderators.

This initiative is enthusiastically supported by the community.


Highlights from Around the World

Coldplay’s Sustainability Efforts

Coldplay aimed to reduce their carbon footprint during their world tour by:

– Employing plant-based LED wristbands at concerts.

– Utilizing kinetic dance floors that generated electricity, thus powering their shows with the energy produced by dancing attendees.
– Planting a tree for every ticket sold, resulting in 5 million trees planted.
– Powered their performances entirely by renewable energy sources.
– Donated surplus food and hygiene products from their tour to the needy.
Managed to reduce their CO2 emissions by 47% from the previous year.
We hope to see more artists take environmental stewardship as seriously as Coldplay has!
Play Snake on Spotify

Bored on public transport or over Candy Crush and TikTok feed disappointments? Don’t despair. Open Spotify, launch your favorite playlist, hit the 3 dots, and find the “Eat this playlist” option at the end. YES, GIVE IT A TRY.

Thank you for reading. If you’re looking for more, feel free to continue here. We bring updates every month in written and podcast forms.

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