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The end of private profiles on Instagram

META adapts to EU regulations, Instagram introduces interesting features, some seen on TikTok. YouTube offers in-app games and Snapchat enhances teen safety measures. Learn more in this article, or listen to our podcast here.


Algorithm adjustment for META

Social networks in Europe must adhere to the Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations of the European Union. Consequently, META, as well as TikTok, has introduced a mandatory non-personalized feed.

This change means users can switch from their personalized feed, determined by engagement and viewing habits, to a non-personalized feed, which is based on geographical location rather than user history. This non-personalized feed is beneficial because it doesn’t collect scrolling data or create potentially harmful “echo chambers.”

Comments now available in stories

Instagram is officially testing the feature of sharing comments in Stories. This functionality will pertain to public posts and Reels. The aim is to allow creators to spotlight meaningful or engaging comments. Sharing a comment can make it visible to a wider audience by featuring it in your story.

Source: Instagram

Audio clips and location tagging in Instagram Notes

Instagram Notes have become a familiar feature atop the app’s chat conversations. Following a recent update, users can now share music within notes. The platform has further introduced an “audio clip” function for voice recordings and enabled location sharing in notes. This feature is expected to be particularly favored by influencers for sharing recommendations.

Source: Instagram

Searching functionality in Reels

Instagram is now experimenting with a search feature within Reels, allowing more tailored content discovery. This addition aims to enhance content visibility without directly competing with static images or carousel posts.

Music in carousels

Instagram now allows users to add music to carousel posts, enriching the sensory experience of sharing content.

Posts for friends only on Instagram?

Instagram is exploring a feature to share posts exclusively with a selected circle of close friends, potentially rendering separate private profiles unnecessary. This initiative resembles the existing function of Stories for close friends.

Source: Social Media Today


YouTube gaming enhancements

YouTube is delving deeper into the gaming community with the introduction of “Playables”, an in-app feature allowing users to participate in simple games.

YouTube states, “Playables are interactive games on both desktop and mobile, forming part of an experiment where users will encounter a ‘Playable’ section amidst other content.”

Looking forward to it!


TikTok bans Amazon?

TikTok introduces TikTok Shopping while prohibiting external e-commerce links to platforms like Amazon, focusing on enhancing its shopping features.

TikTok podcasts

TikTok now allows creators to upload entire podcast episodes via RSS feed, linking to select clips on the platform, offering users comprehensive access to content.


LinkedIn officially permits users to display their “top 5 skills” in their profile, emphasizing their strongest attributes.


Snapchat rolls out new security features for minors, including alerts on suspicious contacts and enhanced measures against sharing inappropriate content.

Does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing is flourishing, growing faster than traditional social ad spending. Insider Intelligence’s latest report delves into the key trends driving influencer marketing investments.

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